DeMARK® Re/Search 2.0 Launches on the Bloomberg App Portal

DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 delivers new market timing capabilities and analytics to Bloomberg Terminal audience.

AUG 8, 2019 – Scottsdale, AZ – DeMARK Analytics LLC has launched its DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 application on the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS<GO>}, providing enhanced scanning functionality and idea generation using the DeMARK Indicators®. Traders and investors can now generate customized real-time historical and intraday DeMARK Indicator results to assist in their decision-making process.

The addition of DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 to the Bloomberg App Portal enables DeMARK® to deliver targeted and actionable DeMARK Indicator output to Bloomberg’s global community of institutional investors, centralizing and streamlining their workflow.

Tom DeMark and DeMARK Analytics LLC have been at the forefront of financial market timing for more than four decades. The company’s proprietary DeMARK Indicators are used to identify market trends and anticipate trend exhaustion across all regions and asset classes, including securities, futures, currencies, economic data and more. Building upon the DeMARK Service (also available through the Bloomberg App Portal) and integrating seamlessly with various lists on the Bloomberg Terminal service, DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 offers customized workflow enhancements to assist with position, portfolio and risk management.

Bloomberg Terminal service subscribers globally can instantly access the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS<GO>} where they can search for applications that help users accomplish specific tasks, such as value and price securities, visualize and analyze data or leverage new charting solutions. Applications can be licensed and operated from within the Bloomberg Terminal service environment – without disrupting or interrupting workflow.

DeMARK Analytics CEO, Tom DeMark, says, “We are thrilled to continue our 20-year collaboration with Bloomberg, releasing the most comprehensive DeMARK-based feature set available in conjunction with the data and power of the Bloomberg Terminal. The DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 application marks a significant step forward in the areas of idea generation and position management using the DeMARK Indicators, amplifying the capabilities of the studies like never before.”

“We’re excited to share DeMARK’s Re/Search 2.0 with Bloomberg Terminal clients over App Portal,” says Mike King, Global Head of the Bloomberg App Portal. “Integrating Re/Search 2.0 within the Terminal environment helps increase productivity in the investment and trading workflow.”

To learn more about using DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 or the DeMARK Service with the Bloomberg Terminal or for information about the Bloomberg App Portal community, please contact or

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