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The DeMARK Service and DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 integrate the most comprehensive market timing suite with Bloomberg’s unrivaled financial information platform

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DeMARK Service for Bloomberg

The DeMARK Service for Bloomberg provides access to a comprehensive library of more than 70 DeMARK Indicators as well as the DeMARK Chat Room. Apply the studies to any asset class, region, time interval and standard or custom data set to enhance your market timing and analysis. Utilize the work in conjunction with Bloomberg’s massive financial information resources to assist with idea generation, position sizing, portfolio construction and risk management.

Access the Chat Room to stay on top of interesting market findings, results and usage with help from the broader DeMARK community.


DeMARK Indicators

Choose from over 70 DeMARK Indicators to enhance your market timing across assets, regions, time intervals and data sets.

Fully Integrated

The DeMARK Indicators are fully integrated within the Bloomberg Terminal, allowing you to utilize them across a multitude of features.

Chat Room

Access the original DeMARK community, featuring Tom DeMark, DeMARK Analytics experts and other investment professionals.

DeMARK Re/Search 2.0

DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 for Bloomberg keeps users on top of the market and their portfolios with real-time, on-demand, DeMARK-driven scanning tools. Customizable study conditions and portfolio scans monitor results across symbols and intervals, unearthing information that would otherwise go undetected.

Integrate seamlessly with Bloomberg security lists (Worksheets, EQS, Portfolios); custom data (CIX, subscription indices); LaunchPads; and more to tailor the work to your profile. With Re/Search’s powerful scanning capabilities, integration and customization, users won’t miss critical market timing opportunities.

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DeMARK Bundle

DeMARK and Bloomberg have collaborated for more than 20 years on the most comprehensive market timing product suite that DeMARK has to offer. Subscribe to the DeMARK Bundle and receive access to the DeMARK Service for Bloomberg and DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 at a discounted price.

Discover why the biggest names in institutional trading and investing trust DeMARK.

Get Started

To access the DeMARK Service, DeMARK Re/Search 2.0 or the DeMARK Bundle for Bloomberg — or to begin a free trial of the software — type DEMA <GO> from your Bloomberg Terminal. For questions about the services or information about Enterprise pricing, reach out to us today.

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