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For decades, DeMARK® has been the definitive name in market timing and analytics. Developed by industry legend, Tom DeMark, over the course of his nearly 50-year career, the DeMARK Indicators offer an incomparable approach to those seeking a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the financial markets.

Unlike other methods, these proprietary studies are designed to identify areas of potential price inflection before the market responds, enhancing your investment analysis and timing.


The unique methodology and insights of the DeMARK Indicators will forever change the way you view the markets.

Universally applicable across any asset class, region, time interval and data set.

Designed to assist with idea generation, position sizing, portfolio construction and risk management.

Can be used to direct or supplement your analytical approach, allowing traders and investors of all types to benefit.

The Challenge

What is Market Timing?

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but every investor knows that markets rarely move linearly. Each trend contains advances and pullbacks, driven by news, events, fundamentals, technicals, order flow, sentiment and emotion. Market timing seeks to navigate the risks and the opportunities these variables create.

Conventional financial market analysis is useful in determining the general direction of an asset’s trend but is often limited by the trailing nature of the underlying data. As a result, trends are typically confirmed well after key reversals have occurred.

Market timing, on the other hand, uses a variety of methodologies to uncover these areas of potential inflection in real time so as to optimize buys and sells and maximize investment performance. In essence, the former route is trend confirming while the latter is trend anticipatory.

Market timing uses a variety of methodologies to uncover areas of potential inflection in real time, to optimize buys and sells and maximize investment performance.

Most financial data points speak to the WHAT and WHY but rarely to the WHEN, and therein lies the challenge, both for individual investors and professional traders. If you like an asset’s story now, chances are high that you will continue to like it minutes, hours, days, and even weeks from now, particularly in the absence of a compelling counter-narrative.

However, the most dynamic variable from one moment to the next is price, and misjudging it can come at significant cost. So, how does one know when the data is valid and actionable? That is the problem market timing attempts to solve.

DeMARK Indicators Stack of Three
Our Philosophy

Anticipating Price Action

Ask any successful money manager for advice and they’ll likely respond quite simply, “Buy low. Sell high.” Clearly, that phrase is easier said than done, but it resides at the core of our philosophy.

Our studies are designed for different market environments, time horizons and strategies, whether that be trend- or countertrend-following, short-term trading or long-term investing, or fundamental, technical or quantitative analysis. The DeMARK Indicator library speaks to the inherent rhythm of the market at the intersection of supply and demand, as represented through price. More than anything, the DeMARK Indicators provide an objective and timely approach to entering and exiting the market so as to improve performance.

The DeMARK Indicators are not black box trading systems that are rigid in scope and operate irrespective of the needs of the user. Rather, the studies provide an objective framework to help users better identify areas of potential opportunity and concern, allowing them to anticipate price movement and apply the work in a way that best suits their investment style, strategy, time horizon and risk appetite. It’s this versatility that makes the work so valuable to the top names on Wall Street.

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