CQG Integrated Client

The market timing precision of DeMARK on one of the industry’s most respected charting and graphics applications

DeMARK Indicators on CQG Desktop Display

DeMARK Service for CQG

The DeMARK Service for CQG provides access to a comprehensive library of DeMARK Indicators throughout CQG Integrated Client’s robust financial information platform. Known for its charting and graphics capabilities, as well as its ease-of-use, CQG allows the DeMARK library to be used within a multitude of features, including charting, quoteboards, alerts, scans and more. This versatility creates a more customizable and interactive analytical experience.


DeMARK Indicators

Choose from over 70 DeMARK Indicators to enhance your market timing across assets, regions, time intervals and data sets.

Fully Integrated

The DeMARK Service is embedded seamlessly throughout the CQG platform, allowing the work to be used across a host of features, including enhanced Quoteboards, Alerts and Scans.

Educational Insights

Detailed DeMARK Indicator help pages give subscribers insight as to the construction and application of the indicators.

Get Started

The DeMARK Service for CQG Integrated Client requires an active CQG subscription. Contact us to learn more.

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