It’s gotten to a point where I can’t look at a chart without the DeMARK Indicators.


The DeMARK Indicators offer an incomparable market timing toolkit for those seeking a deeper, more detailed market evaluation. Developed and honed by the innovative mind of Tom DeMark over the course of 40 years in the financial sector, these time-tested techniques are an essential resource trusted by some of the most eminent names in the industry.

Because there is no singular approach to financial markets, the DeMARK Indicators offer a diverse collection of market studies which users can tailor to suit their unique investment styles and time horizons. The beauty of DeMARK is that the studies do not require users to abandon their existing approaches. Rather, the Indicators serve to supplement and enhance their analyses.

This versatility makes the Indicators applicable to investors and traders of all disciplines, styles and risk appetites – but they are not for everyone. Those committed to engaging and mastering advanced methodologies for digging deeper into detail will find themselves best suited to the keen analytical approach offered by the DeMARK Indicators.

You know the market is a complex mechanism. The DeMARK Indicators are intended to simplify that complexity. If you are willing to look at things differently, the DeMARK Indicators will forever change the way you view the market.