DeMark Analytics

DeMark Analytics is comprised of dedicated professionals devoted to ongoing research and development in the financial industry. Our company and clients have successfully implemented the DeMark Indicators® over the past several decades to capitalize on market opportunities. As prolific as we've been in creating these indicators, and as effective as we've found their results to be, DeMark Analytics continues to perform exhaustive research and improvements in an effort decode the markets. DeMark Analytics has been offering the DeMark Indicators via select software data vendors since 1995. These Indicators are currently available exclusively through the Bloomberg Professional, CQG Integrated Client, DeMark Prime, and Thomson One platforms.

In 2008, DeMark Analytics partnered with John Burbank of Passport Capital and Steve Cohen of S.A.C. Capital, in an effort to extend the distribution and knowledge base of the DeMark Indicators®, and expand our market research and development efforts.

At DeMark Analytics, following the market isn't just our profession, it's our passion.

"When a trend exhausts, any news event can serve as a catalyst to reverse the market"

Thomas DeMark

Founder and CEO
DeMark Analytics